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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Boundaries: All aspects of immigration issue need scrupulous examination

The subject of immigration is a sensitive one, to say the least.

Open borders allow entry into a nation to all people, the good, the bad, the undecided.

American borders are not open, but security issues do exist, to say the least.

So what ought to be done about the millions of immigrants here in America, working jobs, paying taxes -- at least sales tax on their purchases -- and sending their kids to our schools?

It seems many are conflicted on the issue, and perhaps rightfully so.

To dismiss the humanity of the people who've come here, many fleeing either war-torn countries, famine, drug cartels and gangs -- or all of the above in some cases -- seems less than dignified.

On the other hand, to turn a blind eye and simply allow anyone to wander into the nation freely, anytime they please, to serve any purpose they wish to is a recipe for disaster.

There are human costs and financial costs -- and historically, security costs to boot -- to account for, making this issue all the more divisive, yet vastly important.   

It is up to those we elect to weigh those costs, set and stick to policies and be accountable for them, both when they succeed and when they fail.

We expect them to do so, and we will call them out when they don't.

Published in Editorials on January 17, 2018 7:10 PM